New Korean Series “HellBound” Becomes No 1 Most watched within 24hrs on NetFlix

Korean Series has been known to be the highest number of viewers from Squid Game getting millions of viewers in eight days But Unfortunately, Squid Game has been dethroned by the latest newly released Series Named “HellBound” on Netflix

Within the range of 24hrs, the NetFlix original series ranked No 1 in the world ranking and this took the Squid game 8 days to accomplish, setting a new record for the Korean series.

Meanwhile, Hell Bound is trending No 3 while Squid Game is trending No 9 on the UK Top 10 List.

Hell Bound is directed by Train to Busan’s Yeon Sang-ho,

This series involves a supernatural phenomenon in which the people of an alternate reality of Earth are subject to the mercy of messengers that suddenly materialize to deliver prophesies and to drag humans to hell.



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