Andrea Jane spent over a bag on Filler to look young for Love Island.

Andrea Jane tells Fabulous: “When I found out I was going into the Villa, I panicked. I decided to get cheek
filler last-minute and once I had it done, I just kept going back. I thought “I need more, I need more “I was hoping it would make me look younger because I had this line under my eye which I thought looked like a big wrinkle or an eye bag; I didn’t want to look tired.

I spent all this money but it did the opposite. “I was so infatuated in getting rid of this one line, I didn’t realize how much it changed my face shape. It was only when I watched myself back on TV, I realized ‘oh my God
that doesn’t even look like me’. I looked like a hamster, my cheeks were so chubby.”

Another professional, Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar, has since told her the “botched” cheek fillers were injected “incorrectly” and in the wrong part of her face. “There is pressure to look a certain way (when you go on Love Island). It wasn’t the casting crew, more from looking at past contestants and popular girls on Instagram.


“I was chasing this generic idea of perfection, rather than learning to love myself and my flaws. You think ‘I’m going to be on TV, I have to look a certain way, this is how girls on TV look’. “When I did my auditions, I didn’t have any filler, because I applied for last year’s show (which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic).

So the producers probably thought “what happened to her face?’ AJ forked out more than £1,000 on fillers, paying £250 a pop for 0.5ml cheek and 1ml lip injections.

AJ says: “Someone should have said ‘no, you’ve had enough, but they just kept


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