Taliban threatens CNN reporter Clarissa ward and her crew.

Earlier today, CNN released footage showing its chief international correspondent, Clarissa Ward being attacked by Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

She revealed that Taliban militants were ready to whip a fellow field producer with a pistol. He was saved by the intervention of a fellow fighter who intervened and prevented an attack.

“Two Taliban fighters just came up with their Pistols l, and they were ready to Pistol-whip him, and we had to intervene and scream, and it was actually another Taliban fighter who came in and said ‘No, no, no, don’t do that. They’re journalists, ” Ms Ward reported form Kabul on Wednesday.

Ms Ward said the Field producer Brent Swails was filming with his iphone when two Taliban militants approached him.

The rest of the CNN crew intervened along with a Taliban fighter who told the others not attack the reporter.

“I’ve covered all sort of crazy situations -this was mayhem,” Ms Ward said.

She also revealed that “it’s amiracle that more people haven’t been very very, seriously hurt,”

“There was a consistent stream of gunfire” she said this while describing the situation in the Afghan capital.


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