Russian woman Sues McDonald’s for tempting her to break her fast.

Ksenia ovchinnikova, from omsk, Russia, said she was attempting to stay away from meat and other animal products during lent in 2019 but seeing McDonald’s advert made her break her fast.

She claims that she hadn’t eaten meat in a month when McDonald’s advert showing their cheeseburgers allegedly made her break her fast in April 2019.

She’s now accusing the fast-food giant of breaking the consumer protection law and insulting her religious feeling. She blames the fast-food restaurant for displaying such advert during that period knowing fully well that Christians were fasting.

She’s requesting 1,000 tubes ($14) as compensation for sustained moral damage.

She said;

“By this point, I had already been dating for a month, but when I saw an advertising banner, I could not help myself, I visited McDonald’s and bought a cheeseburger,”.

The date of the hearing on Ovchinnikova’s claim has not yet been set.


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