Africa’s most populous city may become unlivable-CNN.

According to the report, Lagos with and estimated population of 24 million people may become uninhabitable by 2100 as sea levels rise due to climate change

CNN has pulblished a damning report predicting the future of Lagos as the floods continue to devastate major parts of the city during rainy season.

The reports from CNN reads;

The report published on Sunday night, August 1, as that such a situation “will have a catastrophic effect on the human activites” in Lagos

“Cars and houses submerged in water, commuters washing through buses knee-high in floods and homeowners counting the cost of destroyed properties. Welcome to Lagos dueing rainy season. Residents Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, are used to the yearly floods that engulf the coastal city during the months of March to November. In mid-July, however, the major business district of Lagos island experienced one of its worst floods in recent years.

photos and videos posted to social media showed dozens of vehicles inundated with water after torrential rain. The floods paralyze economic activity, at an estimated cost of around $4 billion per year.

Home to more that 24 million people, lagos, a low-lying city on Nigeria’s Atlantic coast may become uninhabitable by the end of this century as seas levels rise due to climate change, scientific projections suggest.


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