LeBron James has become the first NBA player to make $1billion.

Famous NBA player LeBron James become the first to make $1 billion while still active in the sport.

This came after Space Jam: A new legacy, which james producedabnd starred in, enjoyed a whopping $31.6 million in revenue its opening weekend.

James bas earned $330 million in his playing salary alone since being drafted in 2003. The 30-year-old has reportedly made another $700 million off the court through endorsement deals, merchandise, licensing and his media production company, springHill Co, according to Sportico.

While Jordan is now worth around $2 billion, the outlet writes that mich of the revenue was made after his legendary NBA career.

Sportico Compared Jamds’ historic earnings to Micheal Jordan’s who, of course, starred in the original 1996 space Jam film.


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