Woman survives after falling off a 60ft cliff and landing on rocks.

A woman taking a walk miraculously survived after losing her footing on a narrow path near Lamorna cave, Cornwall, England, and tumbled over the side.

Rescuers managed to reach her on narrow ledge before a helicopter arrived to fly her ro the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

Rebekah Crawford suffered six lumbar spine fractures and doctors revealed that it’s rare for anyone to fall so far and survive.

The 37-year-old physiotherapist recounted how she heard her sisters horrifying screams as she plummeted to the rocks during the family walk in June last year.

Rebekah said; “I was on a narrow bit of path, bot much more than a foot width, and my left ankle just twisted and there was absolutely nothing to my left. I remember that awful feeling and there was nothing underneath. Then my head hit a slab of rock. I didn’t realize at that point that I’d actually fallen 56ft down the cliff. I was trying to claw at the grass .

“My head hit this stab of rock and the noise and the pain- I’ve never felt anything like it. It went through my while body “.


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