Amazon reps cries out as they run out of people to employ.

Due to reasons unknown, Amazon executives are in shock and now they’re allegedly worried they’re running out of people to hire! 

Acoording to BewYork times, Amazon has been hiring hundreds of thousands of workers for roles in its warehouses, which the company refers to as fulfillment centers, but those employees have been quitting almost as fast as they can be hired.

Accoding to Business insider, the report said many of the 350,000-plus workers Amazon hired between the months of July and October only stayed with the company “just days or weeks.

It’s no surprise that Amazon went on a hiring spree in 2020 as the company attempted to keep up with demand brought on by coronavirus-related lockdowns. Millions of Americans were turning to Amazon and other online retailers to stock up on essentials while playing it safe at home.

Representatives for Amazon have not spoken publicly about the report made by TheTimes.


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