How the championship playoff final is worth more than the Champions league final

The champions league final is the biggest football game in club history but however it’s not the most lucrative. The most lucrative football match in club football is the final of the championship playoff .

Being a match in the second tier of English football many might wonder how this is the most lucrative match in club football . Winning the Championship play-off final and earning promotion to the Premier League is understood to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds, though it varies season by season.In 2020  Deloitte suggested that victory in the play-off final could see an increase in revenue of between £135 million to £265 million, depending on whether a promoted team can avoid immediate relegation. Victory in the Championship play-off final means that a team is catapulted into that exclusive money pool, though it must be noted that revenues were impacted by the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year’s final is set to take place at its customary ground (Wembley) between Brentford V Swansea on the same day as the champions league final .


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