Man commits Suicide during a live video.

Angel Hernandez Gardo livestreamed his last minutes as he shot himself in his head.

Gardo livestreamed his last minute as he commits suicide after the Police tried to arrest him for abusing his child’s mother.

Angel shared the video of him holding a gun on his ig page.

It was reported that his cousin tried to call him but he refused to pick up. Then another loved one called and began singing to him and he broke down in tears.

A helicopter was sent to the scene and police cars were also at the sence. Police surrounded his car and tried to calm him down to prevent him from doing anything to himself but he wouldn’t listen.

He shot himself in the head and was rushed to the hospital but he couldn’t make it.

His friends took to social media to mourn him.

However, it turns out that that is half of the story.

According to the San Diego Police Department, a female victim contacted authorities about 8:40Pm on Tuesday, May 25 and said that her boyfriend had tried to strangle her.

By the time the police officer got to her, Angel was alredly gone.


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