Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall’s secret son set to reveal himself.

Prince Charles and camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s secret son is set to prove his identity.

A 55-year old Australia man, Simon Dorante-Day, who was adopted and lived with his grandmother who had ties with the queen told 7News that his grandmother told him “outright” that he was prince Charles and Camilla’s biological son “many times”

Prince Charles and Camilla’s alleged secret son.


He disclosed that he was given evidence that shows camilla become close with Charles 1965 when the two were teenagers.

Prince Charlse was allegedly sent to Austrailia while Camila disappeared from Britain’s social sscene for 9 months.

Dornate-Ray is now preparing to take the fight and prove his identity to the Australian High court.

The alleged secret prince told sunrise on Tuesday, April 27, there are lots of bits of evidence that have to go before the court.

He said its unfair that he constantly has to right the “truth”, claiming Camilla, Charles and the Royal family “know the truth”

He said;

“The documentation that I’ve got for the adoption is written in my own adopted mother’s handwriting.

“So there’s lot of bits of evidence like this….that have got to go before the court.

He futher said ” My birth certificate is complete rubbish.

The longer this thing runs, the more they’re going to get egg on their face, not me.

“My grandmother, whonhad worked for the queen, told me outright that I was camilla and Charles’s son many times.”


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