Raul Jimenez said he could not walk or eat after clashing heads with David Luiz

Raul Jimenez has spoken out for the first time on his terrifying clash of heads with Arsenal’s David Luiz in November which left team-mates and opponents fearing for his life.

The Wolves striker collided with Luiz with sickening force while challenging for an aerial ball, causing an injury with such severity that his skull was fractured and emergency surgery was needed in order to stop the internal bleeding.

Now, three months down the line, Jimenez is remarkably back in training but admits he simply cannot remember the incident at the Emirates stadium.

Speaking during an interview with EstiloDF, he said: ‘It was very complicated and I don’t remember what exactly happened. It is all a blur.

‘All I remember is waking up in the hospital after the surgery was done. Then it was very complicated to go back home and not be able to do anything.

‘Every little move I made had to be very slow, but my girlfriend has helped me so much throughout my recovery.’ Jimenez added.

Wolves have struggled in the absence of their main striker, and currently sit in 12th place in the Premier League with 30 points.

Jimenez has now returned to feature alongside his team-mates in training, and hopes to be back in first team action before the season concludes.


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