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Our time on Earth is limited. Humans cannot live forever, that is a fact. So that means we must use our time wisely and use it for good reasons. Do the right thing and live the right life because as soon as you die; there will never be another chance.

Spending time with friends and family is important, don’t let your pride get ahead of you and don’t think that you are more important than them. Never be arrogant, never forget your own blood and never forget the friends you make. You will regret that.

Choices are important, very important indeed. A choice can change a lifetime for the better or ruin one. Choices vary in sizes, there are small choices and there are big choices. Most would say one is more important than the other but that is a lie. They are both equally important and you have to make choices daily, good or bad. Make the right choice. How? Learn from experience. Ask!  Because not asking doesn’t get anyone anywhere. The worst anyone can say is no; and most people won’t say no. Be courageous and remember, one choice can change a lifetime.

I believe we were sent to Earth for a purpose and as soon as we complete it we die and go to heaven, that is just for me  but some have other faiths and beliefs. So don’t see dying as a bad thing; see it as a good thing.

See it as someone completed their purpose on Earth and now they have gone to a better place.For some, this writing may not benefit you at all and for others, it will. Just remember,  time is precious and it is limited.

Use it wisely.

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