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InterviewerWho is K3MIST? ( like a detailed background)?

Real name Brendon, aged 21 from Peterborough studying sports science and management at Nottingham Trent University. More formally know by my artist name: K3MIST.

I came up with the name K3MIST because I see myself as the scientist of music, when I write my lyrics, I don’t see them as just words and rhymes etc etc, for me they’re formulas, I construct my lyrics like a a chemistry equation to cause a reaction. The ‘3’ instead of an E symbolises that I’m still part of my music group ‘3PI3CE’.

InterviewerWhen did the desire or zeal for music start?

My desire for music started back in secondary, I studied music from year 9 right through to sixth form and it was easily my strongest topic. I was always into rap music like old schools classics and overtime I just started to develop my own rapping voice, I can’t lie I was that good when I first started but I’ve improved massively from back in year till now.

InterviewerWhat’s your music style and what was the inspiration behind it?

I haven’t quite given myself an exact music style and the reason is because I’m very versatile, give me any beat and I promise you I’ll write a killer verse. I enjoy rapping on drill because you can experiment so much with flows and punchlines but I wouldn’t even class myself as a drill rapper. I’m an all round versatile artist

Interviewer – Do you have any artist or artists you look up to ? And why did u pick that person?

One of my biggest inspiration and still is, is Cadet, before he passed, his music always told a story, there was always a connection and that resonated really hard with me, I want to tell a story when I’m delivering on a track, I want my supporters to feel a connection when they listen to my tracks and that’s something Cadet would do effortlessly

Interviewer – Is Music a full time thing or part time ?

Music is only part time at the moment but I’m working very hard to make it my full time career, it’s not really about the money I can promise you that, it’s what I can actually see myself doing for the majority of my life because I’m very good at it and the passion is real. Music isn’t new to me, I didn’t just wake up one day and decide I wanted to follow the crowd. Nah man, for me it’s real. It’s real desire and real passion.

Interviewer – At what point in your career will you feel you have done your best like what will be that achievement u will attain and you can rightly say “Yes I  have done it in the industry”

There’s never a limit in my opinion, the more achievements the better, I’ll keep going and accumulating until there’s nothing left for them to give me. Of course I want to be a global artist, if I had to pinpoint it to one thing though, I know I’ve made it when the world knows who I am. That’s how big my ambitions are. I want to be a global superstar

InterviewerAny upcoming project?

There’s so many projects I’ve been working on and will continue working on this new year. I’m going to put my all into this. I had a pretty slack year in 2020 but this year is about serious consistency. It’s crazy what 1 year of pure graft in the music scene can do to change lives. That’s my aim over the next year. To change my life doing what I love.

Interviewer – Anyone you look up to and why that?

Believe it or not, I look up to my mum, that’s my real idol, she raised me to be this person I am today, hard working, resilient and always productive. That’s the one person I can undoubtedly rely on for anything. That’s why I need to make it in the music scene, it’s for her to see what I’m capable of and for me to give her the better life that she deserves.

Interviewer –  If u had the chance to get in the studio with any artist who will that be?

 I would love to get in the studio with Bugzey Malone, a lot of my friends say I sound like him when I rap which at first I couldn’t really hear, I listened to his music way way back in secondary before he really took off, my boy showed me his tracks at the park once and I said ‘yeah I could kill a verse with this guy for sure’. Now look at where he’s at, a studio session with bugzey would be insane because I know for a fact we’d make a killer track.

Interviewer – In the next 2-3 years where do you see yourself?

In the next 2-3 years I will be doing music professionally. I’ll be touring the world, back to back headline shows, collaborations with amazing artists, collaborations with big brands. Building my artist portfolio. It’s Go Hard or Go Home. I can tell you for sure. I’m not going home anytime soon

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