Anthonia Gist Interview


Who’s Big Sika (Little Introduction about you)
Big Sika is a young talented individual born in Newham but moved to Dagenham, people always wonder what my name means so I feel like it’s only right I explain. Big Sika simply means Big Money, or Big Gold. Sika means money/Gold in twi as I’m Ghanaian. I came up with this name as I wanted to be different, you won’t find anyone else with the same name.

When did the passion for music start and how has been the journey so far?
My passion for music started from a very young age, I was 7 years old when I first started to take in music when my parents were blasting out pop music that was trending at the time.

Around that time I managed to join my primary school choir and stayed until Year 6 (The Last year in Primary school) the rest is history.

What kind of music do you give out to your fans?
I give my fans afrobeats and afroswing music, this sound was influenced by my African background, in music it’s vital to be yourself and I feel like these genres for me are perfect.

As I develop my creativity in music I will consider to experience other genres like Hip-hop, Rap and even Gospel.

One 4 you What’s inspiration behind the song
Hehe good question. The song is basically about how this girl has trust issues, meanwhile the Man has pure intentions. So the man keeps reassuring this girl that he’s pure and the one for her, eventually the girl built trust in the man. The messages behind this single is that love is beautiful, you may have trust issues after life experiences but there’s no doubt that you will find love.

Which artistes do you look up to and why the reason?
I look up to Stormzy as he fuses from different genres like afroswing, rap and grime. He inspires me as it’s beautiful seeing his come up, where he started compared to his current position is very different. It just motivates me that one day I will become like him, it just takes hard work and dedication.

Is music a full or part time thing you do? It’s hard trying to balance music with education, but I would say full time because music is my life. Without music and God of course, I don’t where I would be right now.Any projects coming soon?
Not at the moment as I’ve got lots of music to record but surely soon, just keep running up the views on my singles! Big up my real supporters aswell, my real people indeed.

If you was to choose an artiste whom you would love to be in the studio who will that be?
I would definitely want to work with Stormzy because I feel like we would defo create madness, would be a mind-blowing experience. I also would defo want to work with NSG as their vibe is perfect and their production is out of this world, big up NSG!

In the next 2 or more years where and what would you think you want to improve on? In the next 2 years i feel like my whole life will definitely change in a positive way, bring in people around me and hopefully doing tours with fellow big musicians, in 2 years I see my songs playing in everyone’s speakers, you will even get tired of hearing my music hehe. I May lose some friends in the way and take some L’s but it’s All Gods plan, he puts us through situations for a reason. Also, in 2 years I’m working on my mindset as it will help me massively, your mind is powerful!


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