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Getting to Know Posah

We are in the times where many artistes make use of studio equipments and other technologies to create good sounds. Even in this times we still have people who can freestyle without technology and still give sounds that are melodious to the ears and Posah falls into this category. In this Episode of getting to know Posah talks us through his music journey , his Ep, Oxlade coming for his listening party and many other things.

But who is Posah? Posah is an artist and a student of Uniben who was born and raised in the city of Lagos. Posah’s started his music journey early ,as he started out in the church as a member of the children choir but started professional recording in 2015.

In the music industry we have seen a lot of people who do other things but do music as a part time thing but that is not the plan for Posah as he made it known that he plans to do music full time and he went ahead to say he doesn’t see himself doing any other thing asides music. Many times we have heard stories of artists who didn’t have their family support to do music and would then have to fend for themselves but this is not the case for Posah as he initially didn’t get any reaction from his family when he started recording music , at this moment he can say he now has their support as they now see that he is really serious with music.

We all have different things that keeps us going for Posah his motivation is the thought of what he can offer and also knowing that he will get to a high point in his career if he continues. He also mentioned that his mum also serves as a motivation as he has to keep pushing to be able to give her the best things of life and also the thought of what he can do for the community and the world at large keeps him going.

The EP

Dropping a debut EP is not something one can be calm about, the emotions keep flowing and one begins to wait on what they can get out of it . Posah made it know that he is having mixed emotions as regards the EP and he is expecting that through the EP he will be able to reach out to a wide audience , get an increased fan base, expect to move up , expect favour from the music industry but in general he wants the EP to go far.

Posah had a listening party for his EP on the 7th of November and friends turned up to support him and Oxlade who Posah admires came on that day to show his support. When asked on how he felt seeing Oxlade come out to support him Posah said he was not to surprised to see Oxlade because he had the feeling that Oxlade was going to come but at the same time he was filled with joy to see someone he looked up to come out to support him and he also said he would love to see more of the support.

Many of us keep asking for new songs from our favs but never consider what the song/project making process actually feels like. We asked Posah how the EP making process was and he said that the process was more stressful than exciting. He said the fact that he had to do a lot work financially, physically, going to the studio to keep on recording was quite tiring but he also mentioned that recording the songs actually gave him good feelings.

Breakdown of the EP

According to Posah Emotions Ep is not actually the normal Afrobeats sound we get from the big names in the industry. The first track Special kind of loving was just Posah trying to show that he could still hop on Afrobeat beat and do something , he felt he needed someone else on the song so he sent the song to two artists but only got response from one (Which is 10stacks) and in his own words “ We made a banger”. Track 2 Never meant to be”was recorded a long time ago and he made it in his mind that this song must be on any project he releases. The song was actually a real life experience for Posah as he was played by a girl and this resulted in writing the song and since the EP title was Emotions he felt he could actually pour out his emotions through the Ep. “Track 3 Be mine” was a song about a girl who was proving hard to get , the song was initially a single but on the day of the recording he was actually tired of writing so he asked leehonjayy (He followed Posah to the studio all through the recording) to jump on the song and according to Posah that is his best song. “Track 4 Need you “was inspired by James Arthur and the song was written about his EX and the message was just him telling her that he still loves her and need her. “Track 5 She is my girl” was written a long time ago and this wasn’t supposed to make the EP but people in his inner circle asked that the song should be on the Ep and even at the last minute he was skeptical about putting the song on the EP. “Track 6 Blessings “which is already out is like a song to God for all he has done for him , his family and friends . It is just a song of thanksgiving and initially he didn’t like the song but now he does. “Track 7 Happy riddim” which is the last song on the EP was actually the last recorded song and the song was made out of a discussion between him and leehonjayy where they felt after having a lot of love songs on the project why not have one to have the people dancing . Posah listened to Jo riddim by Victony and went to the studio , listened to the beat , dropped a chorus and just free-styled to the Chorus.

When asked about his vision for himself in the next three years ,he said he sees himself being at the top, having tours, making moves, making his family happy and making everybody happy. Posah being the man of the people that he is used the platform to thank everyone for their support ,help and love, he also promised that the EP would be fire.

Rating of the song Blessing by the anthoniagist team.

The song blessing is the 6th track from off Posah’s Ep and this song is one that comes with the thanksgiving vibes and it is just Posah being grateful. It is 9/10 for the team and it is an highly recommended song. When you read Posah’s breakdown one would see the EP is one that comes with different songs to suit our different Emotions.

Listen to Blessing by Posah on Audiomack


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