We are not a collection of Angels-Nigerian police.

This morning, the Nigerain police force sends a message to Nigerians saying;

“We are not a collection of Angels, but we are doing our best to serve you”.

This message comes after the Lekki tollgate massacre.

The #endsars protest movement started as a result of Police brutality, where it becomes normal for policemen to kill innocent youths without being questioned or detained. Many youths have lost their lives due to police careless and greediness. People who are suppose to protecting our lives and proprieties are the one killing us. Police who is “our friend” are our enemies who we hide from. People who we are to see and smile becomes people who we fear. We beg for our lives, we pay for our lives.

This started the movement. Nigerian youth became tired of hiding and started the #endsars movement.


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