Spain declares state of emergency until May 2021 due to massive Coronavirus spike.

The Spanish government has declared a state of emergency and ordered a nationwide curfew over a massive Coronavirus spike.

This comes after spain became the first European country to record over a million Coronavirus cases. Last Friday 23rd of October, 19,851 cases were recorded along with 231 deaths. Some 20,986 positive tests were also confirmed on Thursday.

Spain’s prime minister made this announcement this afternoon and said his cabinet had approved a state of emergency that is set to remain in force until may 9,2021.

“The reality is that Europe and spain are immersed in a second wave of the pandemic,” the prime minister said after a meeting with Cabinet colleagues.

“we are living in an extreme situation ….it is the most serious in the last half-century.” He told a news conference.

The state of emergency also permits Spain’s regional government to impose full or partial lockdowns and limit public and private gatherings to six.

As of saturday, Spain has recorded 1,046,132 Coronavirus cases and 35,752 related death.


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