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Getting To Know Thismabamukulu.

Who is Thisismabamukulu? ( like a detailed background)?

Ladry Mabamukulu Zumu (born 20 April 2000), known professionally as MaBamuKulu, is a London-born singer, songwriter and rapper.

When did the desire or zeal for music start?

I’ve always been musically from what I can remember. However, my zeal from music started in 2017 when I first entered the music scene under the name of ‘LA Honey’.

Back then, I recorded a couple studio songs but I wasn’t satisfied with my sound. For an artist, it takes time to figure out your type of sound and draw from them influences. The worst thing for an artist to do is sound like another artist.

After spending plentiful sessions within a studio and getting to familiar of how certain machinery worked within a studio. I began to start producing my own beats and songs.

Now in 2020, I’ve chosen my artist name to be my middle name because I felt like I finally sounded like myself and no one else.

What Kind of Music do you sing and why is that?

I don’t like to bracket myself into any particular genre. As an artist, eventually you’ll want to expand your creativity, meaning tapping into other genres and sounds. Currently, afrobeats, afro-fusion, Afro-swing, Hip-Hop/Rap, RnB, & POP are the sounds I’m working with.

Do you have any artist or artists you look up to ? And why did u pick that person?

Michael Jackson is a big inspiration for me. He wasn’t merely the biggest pop star of his era, shaping the sound and style of the ’70s and ’80s; he was one of the defining stars of the 20th century, a musician who changed the contours of American culture. A preternaturally gifted singer and dancer. I dance as well and it’s something I plan on using especially for music videos and touring.

Your song Chocolat featuring Random Rance how did you feel you are on the road to 150k (Your Reaction)

Honestly, I’m gassed, excited and ready to give the people more. Waiting on management to see what the next step is!

At what point in your career will say you have attained or achieved some positive things.

When I’m out with my fans and supporters, raving to the good positive vibes I’m bringing them. At the end of the day, there is nothing greater than hearing thousands of people singing and dancing along to your songs.

Have you ever experienced any Bad incident while recording the studio.

Yes, not every time you step into a studio you walk out with magic. Sometimes, there’s days we talk about music, listen to music, think about music. The most important thing I guess is to have a working environment in the studio to allow that magic to happen.

Any upcoming project?

Got a couple songs I’m featuring on coming soon and a couple singles lined up for myself and music videos. That’s all I can give for now.

If u had the chance to get in the studio with any artist who will that be?

Rema – I know if me and Remie boy was to jump into the booth. We would walk out with ‘another banger!’

In the next 2-3 years where do you see yourself?

Being well established within the music scene!



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