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Getting To Know Random Rance

Who is randomrance? ( like a detailed background)?

Random Rance – Rance Idahosa is a Nigerian originated, Dutch born(born in Amsterdam 1999) UK Afrobeat artist industry.

When did the desire or zeal for music start?

The Zeal for music started in 2019

You reside in the UK where the music here is more of rap style and drill but listening to olorun it has that Afrobeat vibe , is your music afrobeats based or that was a one time thing?

Yes my music is intially and predominanly Afrobeats based and I’m yet to expand into other sounds. The Inspiration behind ‘Olorun’ came from myself as an artist, I call myself the “Edo Boy with the Yoruba Swag’ so with this particular song i wnated to incorporate that ‘Yoruba Swag’ in the best way i know how.

Your song , what was the inspiration?

‘Olorun’ is a yoruba phase that has stucked with me for a long time and allowed me to include my own definition of the phrase in our modern day society society hence why i gave the indirect translation ‘On God’ in the title. The song was an opportunity to market myself broader as an Nigerian artist by spreading a bit of my culture to the world.

Do you have any artist or artists you look up to ? And why did u pick that person?

Falz, The Bad Guy is one of many artists i look up to. The reason why i pick him in particular is because of his lyrical content which is enriched with Yoruba wordplay and English Rap and simultaneously bringing out the deeper issues in our society through his music.

Is Music a full time thing or part time ?

2020 – Full Time. 2021 onwards – Part Time

At what point in your career will you feel you have done your best like what will be that achievement u will attain and you can rightly say “Yes I have done it in the industry”

When I would have put out 3 seperate EPs (2 of those EPs are trilogies) & My first studio album and touring off each project.

Any upcoming project?

Yes, My first project is going to be called ‘where I come From’ EP based of my first ever song which will include musical pieces that I’ve written from April 2019 to April 2020

Anyone you look up to and why that

Amongst the current controversy and prior to this, as an artist i look up to Tory Lane. His talent, diversity within genres and work ethic in the music industry is undeniable and inspirng to a young artist like myself who’s trying to get his sound heard but may not always feel like he gets the recognition he deserves.

If u had the chance to get in the studio with any artist who will that be?

Wizkid – One of my major Afrobeat Inspirations

In the next 2-3 years where do you see yourself?

I see myself recording music in my home country Nigeria where I would set up my own Independent record label.


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