Cedar Sinai Hospital records confirm that megan thee stallion was telling the truth about being shot.

After the realsense of Tory lanez new Album, fans stated to question if Megan was truly shot in her feet/foot after Tory questioned in his lyrics how she could be shot and not hit “any bones and tendons “.

Megan’s hospital records have been confirmed and present by the Hospital to The shade room and complex .

They confirmed that Mehan was admitted to cedars Sinai on the 12th of july and diagnosed with gunshot injury.

The report also found out that Shrapnel was found on Megan’s left heel. Shrapnel is shell casting fragments from a bullet in most cases, defined as debris from a bomb or explosion. The report comfirm that megan was treated with irrigation and debridement which is the removal of hardened tissue or debris, in this case Shrapnel from her foot. She was given medication and they determined her to be okay for discharge on the 14th.


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