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Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche. In addition to that without producers there can’t be music , so it would be right to say producers play major parts in music. In a bid to get to know about the life of producers we spoke with young producer Ini beatz.

Ini-beatz is a young and upcoming beat producer who is 17 years old , Ini was born in Nigeria but later moved to England. Ini’s passion for beat making can be traced to when he was young where he started from playing drums in church to wanting to make beats on a larger scale.

Ini beatz doesn’t make beats alone , he also does music production and Mix & Mastering (Beat making is different from music production and Music production is different from Mix & Mastering.

Beats production involves the creation of beats using drums, keyboards or other advanced beat making technologies. Music production involves the combination of vocals, beats and others to put the song together while Mixing and mastering music are two separate but equally important parts in the audio production process that can often become blurred and hard to differentiate between.

Basically, mixing is the step before mastering that involves adjusting and combining individual tracks together to form a stereo audio file after mixdown. The stereo file is then mastered, which ensures that the various songs are clearly polished and form a cohesive whole on an Album. )

He made it known that his best experience while making beats is when he has collaborations with people because it brings two ideas into one and it serves as a form of motivation and makes him more creative.

Ini beatz is the brain behind the production of Belema by Naijah , he said “ Working on Belema was just vibes”.

Just like every young producer Ini beatz has some artistes he hopes to one day work with, he said he would like to one day work with the likes of wizkid, zlatan,Jhus,Davido and Midas Jagbaban.

He also told us of big name producers he sees as sources of inspiration, they are :Scott Stroch, Rexxie, young John, ioproducer and cash money Ap

Contacting Ini-beatz :

Instagram: ini_beatz

Twitter : ini_beatz

Ini-Beatz – Mafo

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