Takeoff denies sexually Assaulting a woman at a party.

An anonymous woman is suing takeoff for allegedly raping her at a party in Los Angeles. The woman, who filed the lawsuit as a jane Doe, claims Takeoff made her uncomfortable at the party which happened in june.

According to the legal docs that were obtained by TMZ, the woman claims Takeoff stared at her while at the party and that made her extremely uncomfortable. she too claims Takeoff offered her weed later in the evening, but she curved him.

In the suit, she alleges things went left when Takeoff was in an heated argument with the man who invited for the party. She said she left them to settle the fight and went to the man’s bedroom. That’s when Takeoff came into the room and started touching her butt. She claims she notified the los Angeles police department about the alleged rape but so far, there is no word about the criminal investigation.

During the alleged assault, she claims she very clearly refused his advances,but alleges Takeoff then flipped her over Face-over down, pulled and raped her.

she claims Takeoff left the room when he finished.

The woman is suing for sexual battery, assault, emotional distress and more and wants damages.

Takeoff’s team has not responded to the allegations.


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