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Messaging someone at 10:45pm and asking for an interview is surely not a cool thing to do, but the ever kind Naijah took no offence and even agreed to have the interview that same night.

Naijah Buzaga is a Nigerian born and raised teenager who migrated to the United Kingdom less than two years ago. While still telling us about himself he said “ I have always been that well trained God fearing kid, who always go to church. I have that “Yes Ma”, ” Yes Sir” African culture.
I am basically someone who loves to stay on his lane”.

Many artists claim to have that music background some claim to be born into a family of musicians , some claim to have been choristers , Naijah’s journey to music didn’t come through any of this ways.

Naijah’s desire to make music started in February 2020, when he saw his friend’s Snapchat story where he(I.e the friend) was vibing to the chorus of a song he wanted to release, Naijah then felt he could actually do something on this song and he messaged his friend saying “Fam I need to jump on this”. Before that he has never done music professionally but he just wanted to be on that song so bad that he wrote his verse himself and he just started feeling that music vibe.


For a musician based in the UK you would expect Naijah to create his music using the UK drill but surprisingly his latest song “Belema” comes with that Afrobeat vibe and when asked if he would continue singing using Afrobeat or switch to UK drill he said “The UK is mainly known for the drill vibe and everything, Belema is certainly different Afrobeat and to be honest Afrobeat is not going to be a one time thing but there is going to be a more of Afrobeats and Afroswing and probably a little bit of drill just to show that l am not just stagnant but I can move from one level to another in the music industry”.

Naijah who has accumulated a good number of streams for his latest song said his song “Belema” was inspired by a female friend who had true feeling for him and he also had true feelings for her and nothing was stopping them from having a romantic relationship , he also stated that it was evident they both wanted each other but she was confused.

As a newbie to the music industry you would expect him to have people he looks up to for inspiration and Naijah was quick to mention those people he gets inspirations from and why he picked them. While telling us about his role models he said “ I have so many artists I look up to from Burna boy , Wizkid , Davido, Mayorkun , Darkoo and Tion Wayne . I look up to them as role models so as to be able to show different sides of me , especially Tion Wayne the way he can switch to his drill vibes then switch back to Afro vibes.

I look up to them because they basically stand for different vibes, yeah Adekunle gold as well, there is the fashion part of it , there is the singing part of it and there is the level of progress where they started from and where they are right now to show the steps they have taken in life to be where they are”

Like every other young artist Naijah has dreams and he dreams and hopes that one day he will headline shows , people would know his name and one day he will be able to live the celebrity lifestyle.

Naijah has confirmed that he is working on an upcoming project in which he prays that the project works and becomes better than anything he has done before , he also made it clear that the project might not come out soon as he is still trying to understand what he is doing but has confirmed there is a project.

When asked about the artists he would like to work with he said “ If I had the opportunity to get into the studio with any artist that will be Burna Boy or Davido those two are top notch and I won’t regret it. There are other young artists that I won’t mind working with also. I would love to be in the studio with anybody to be honest as long as the vibes is pure and we can make mad magic because majority of people have talents but are not heard. They have talent , the production of music is top notch as well but they are not recognized”.

Personal rating of the song (Belema) by Anthoniagist

Belema is that song that comes with that first listen- first like vibe. It comes with that bouncy beat vibe and the catchy lyrics that comes with the song is a perfect combination.

Like Naijah told us in the interview about the inspiration from a female friend that was confused about her feelings for home , he showed this in the song when he said. “ Tell me your mind Aunty”. If I would rate the song over 10 it will surely get a 8 out of 10 score. If you want to confirm and listen to the song personally here is the link to his song :


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