Tae Arrogant,Nicki Minaj’s stylist accuses her of being a traitor .

Tae arrogant,a famous stylist for celebrities accused Nicki minaj for calling his rival to style her hair.

Nicki minaj posted a video of her in a pink hair singing to “Move your hips” which came out yesterday. The mother-to-be rocked the hair while doing the video. Take a look at it

Few hours later, people started complaining that the hair is good but they prefer Tae doing the hair . Then Nicki spoke up saying that he cancelled last minute.

Source: The shade room.

Then tae spoke up saying that he didn’t cancel at the last minute.He said a while lot of things to justify himself.

He justifies himself with this but Nevertheless, he posted the song on his ig page saying that “it’s his best song”.


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