EX-Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin Charged With Tax Evasion

Since gaining notoriety for suffocating George Floyd under his knee, now-ex #police officer Derek Chauvin’s other wrongdoings have become public.⁣

Between 2014 and 2019, the #Chauvins failed to report $464,433 of joint income, which means they avoided $21,853 in #taxes. With interest plus late filing and #fraud penalties, they owe $37,868. County Attorney Pete Orput said an investigation into the Chauvins had been ‘well in the works’ prior to the officer’s #firing.⁣

A large portion of the #unreported earnings seems to have come from Chauvin’s off-duty shifts in private security nearly every weekend. Kellie Chauvin, aka Kellie Xiong, worked as a real estate agent and ran a photography business. She told investigators the tax returns just ‘got away’ from her. Xiong filed for divorce shortly after her husband was fired from Oakdale PD.⁣

Derek Chauvin, 46, is still behind bars on charges of second-degree murder and #manslaughter.

Source – RT


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