I almost killed my daughter “Kanye west”.

Kanye west at his first campaign for president gave a talk on Abortion . The singer said his father almost killed him. He said that his mon saved his life by not going through the abortion process. He said without his mom, there will be no Kanye west. He then said that he almost killed his daughter also. He said

“In the Bible, it says thou shall not kill; I remember my girlfriend (now wife, Kim Kardashian) called me screaming and crying …She said I’m pregnant “. She said she was pregnant and for one month ,two months and three months, we talked about her not having this Child. She had the pills kn her hand”

He said they were in the Apartment in Paris where Kim was robbed and the screen went black and white and God said ,” if you f— with my Vision, I’m gonna f— with yours. And I called my wife and said,” we are gonna have this baby ” and North was born.

“Even of my wife were to divorce me after this speech,she brought North to this life “.


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