Auguyst Alsina speakes up after Jada called their relationship an “Entanglement “.

For the last week,the internet was buzzing over jada pinkett’s conversation with will Smith on the Red Table Talk,but what does August have to say??

Tte rapper told “Vulture” that he hasn’t even watched the full facebook yet.

August explained that he’s seen “small clips” floating on instagram” ,but “backed off” the social media app around that time. H3 added,”But it’s definitely been brought to my attention by people around me”.

He said one particular topic has heard of was jada’s decision to call their romance an “Entanglement ” . He said the word was an accurate reflection of their relationship.

H said “if you look up the definition of “Entanglement “, it is a complex and difficult relationship.

Its for that reason that August Alsina dosent understand why people have “such an issue ” with calling it an “Entanglement “.

He also said that he certainly doesn’t view relationship as being “scandalous ” either.


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