Lionel Messi has the most goal involvements in the 21st century with 143 less games than Cristiano who follows up. [skores]

Lionel Messi is one player known for creating and breaking records and the Argentina international just created another record . The Barcelona forward now has the record for highest goal involvements in the 21st century. Goal involvements include both goals and assists combined , thus it can be said that this record is a great achievement for the player based on the fact that this century witnessed great goal scorers like Beckham, Rooney , Van Persie, Thiery Henry , amongst others . The player has more goal contribution than Ronaldo who is second on the list with more match time than Messi.

Messi is the only player on the top ten list that has more goal involvements than number of games played, another G.O.A.T move.


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