Best men’s sandals to strap in to peak summer comfort and style

Read Fully: For the summer of 2020 there are really two main schools of men’s sandal. The first – and by far our favourite trend in this area – is the utilitarian, web-strapped sandal, fastened by velcro or metal hardware, which you’ll see done most brazenly in the increasingly alluring footwear of Japanese label Suicoke. The second is that more classic leather type that will look fantastic with a laid-back linen trouser or even tailoring, for which Grenson and that most classic sandals label Birkenstock have perfected. It should go without saying that for both you’ll want to make sure your feet are in tip-top condition before leaving the house in them.

Whichever you’re after, there are plenty of options out there. To help you whittle things down, here’s AnitaBLOG edit of the best sandals for men you can get your hands on right now…

Suicoke WAS-V


Perhaps the most desirable brand making sandals right now, their chic collaborations and famous endorsements (from Tyler, The Creator, none other) have propelled the Japanese brand to fever pitch. The Vibram soles provide unwavering comfort and the neoprene/velcro styling make for an uncomplicated and gorgeous aesthetic. £175. At End.


Grenson sandals
For sandals with a little more urban robustness, try these Grensons for inner-city clomping. The large leather arches will provide a smooth surface for contact with your skin, making them highly comfortable – plus, just behold the classic metal buckle… These sandals edge into the formalwear range and would definitely be worth experimenting with tailoring. £96.


Cos Webbing Strap Sandal
Velcro strap sandals are back in a big way. These black sandals from Cos provide the most solid foundation to get on-board with the look. Plus, they’re crazy comfy and super easy to style with. Owing to Velcro’s secure fastening, they won’t fly off your feet when passing the football back to the kids in the park, nor will they float off into the Adriatic Sea after checking how cold the water is. £89


Burberry Sandals
These Burberry sandals are magnificently done. The nylon Burberry striped straps give a certain elegance to the humble summer sandal. The foot mould on the inner sole will cup and caress your feet while walking, meaning you won’t even feel like you’ve been walking at all.£320. At End.
Nike Sandals
Nike ACG
For a touch of sports/lux/technicalwear, try the Nike ACG Deschutz. It features a quick-dry upper, which, as we all know, is an absolute godsend. Fear no volume of water, nor sharp rock surface with these daring sandals – Nike call it their All Conditions Gear line for good reason. These blend the comfort of a sandal and the performance of a meticulously engineered sports shoe. £65.95. 




Prada white sandals
These sandals don’t beat around the bush. They are loud, proud and will scream in your face until you can’t think about anything else. If the city of Miami were to relocate to the moon in 2050, inhabitants would be rocking these 4×4-esque beauties. But they are actually just that: beautiful. A summer soft-top Jeep version of the normal sandal, they have a suaveness that, really, only Prada could deliver. £550
The old saying “they’re a classic for a reason” couldn’t be more true when it comes to Birkenstocks. Their sleek design is easy on the eye and the shoe itself is perhaps one of the most comfortable around. This particular pair is made from faux-leather so they’re 100 per cent vegan. £65.
Off-White Slider
The rubber slider is one of the comfiest shoe styles ever created. Combine that with the clear dynamic aesthetic of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White brand and you have one of the most stylish, in-demand and most comfortable shoes ever created. Need any more convincing? We certainly don’t. £160. At Selfridges.
Kenzo Sandals
Let the world know you’re sporting Kenzo with these brand-proud sandals. The front buckle is a readjustable strap, so just slip your foot in, slap down that top Velcro strap and you’re good to go. This is the relaxed experience you expect from a pair of sandals. The layered foam sole and neoprene strap cushion will ensure the comfort is felt while strolling around too. £225. At End.
Tiger of Sweden Joran Sandals
Tiger Of Sweden
We absolutely love the clip buckle straps – it is a touch of nostalgic/practical/technical-wear genius. Combine that with the smart leather finish, the sturdy nylon straps and the jagged, chunky outer sole and you have a pair of sandals brimming with character, panache and luxury. £249.
Bottega Veneta Sandals
Bottega Veneta
If you’re looking to add a contemporary twist to your summer wardrobe, Bottega Veneta’s slides are the ones for you. Crafted in Italy, they’re stamped with a subtle jacquard logo and feature a comfortable moulded footbed. £450.
Myles sandals by Dr Martens
Dr Martens
If you’re after sturdy footwear that will last a lifetime, then chances are you’ll head to Dr Martens. Well, the same goes for sandals. In full-grain waxy leather, these Myles sandals are Goodyear-welted, resulting in some of the strongest on the market. £110.


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